Our Home Featured in the November Issue of At Home In Arkansas…

Have you seen it yet?  A huge thank-you to everyone at

At Home In Arkansas

for their awesome article on our home.  Don and I were so excited to see our covered porch on the cover of the November 2010, At Home With The Pro's issue.

It was really fun to see what they chose to publish in the magazine.  My scans don't do the photography justice but I just had to share…

Last month they put the living room image in a cover along with the porch.  At Home Facebook followers chose which would be the cover with their votes.  I think it's the first time they've let the viewers decide. It was really fun.  I personally voted for the Living Room because it seemed more appropriate for the November issue.  It wasn't surprising however, that the porch shot won.  It's always a favorite spot when friends are in our home.

If I had voted the day we did the photography I too would have chosen the porch.  Standing in the living room with the doors thrown back looking out with the fire blazing was pretty incredible.  We all got a little giddy. We knew it was going to be a really good shot.

The kitchen is our favorite gathering place.  The exterior of our home is Texas limestone.  We repeated the stone here and in a powder bath off the kitchen that's not shown.  I'm really enjoying the open shelving.  Everything is so easy to see and get to.  I find myself using things that I never did before.

You can't see it here, but between the stove and the shelving on the right is a door with a screen door leading out to the herb garden.  It's great this time of year to be able to leave the main door open and feel the breeze in the kitchen.

The image of the black cabinets and pot rack is a service kitchen/working pantry behind the main kitchen.   It's just a small area, but great because everything is very accessible and it keeps things nice in the kitchen. Clean-up is very easy.

The corner bookshelves on either side of the fireplace also have built-in window seats.  The combination kitchen/Family room is where we live most of the time.

I know I said we live in the Family Room, but I may have stretched that just a little.  Since blogging took over my life, Cappi and I spend a LOT OF TIME IN HERE.  As you can see, she normally sleeps while I work.

We chose  warm colors for our home. These still feel really neutral to me.  I think it's because they are not bright, just warm and soothing.  They are also not trendy.  The needlepoint throne chair at the head of the table is a 19th Century piece.  Notice the colors of this antique chair paired with the Floral and Birds linen fabric on the newer French chairs.  The backs of these same chairs are upholstered with a velvet check.  The hostess chair is an antique upholstered in silk and velvet.  Two different silk fabrics make up the custom large stripe for the drapes.  It's all a great mix.

The perfect chandelier for the dining room was hard to find, so we embellished a lovely iron piece that had the right shape with huge rock crystals and both clear and amber prisms.

This really is a favorite spot to relax and entertain.

The patio off the porch is also great for entertaining.  The wall fountain is on the back side of the fireplace.  The sound of the water is soothing while on the porch or patio.

While on a buying trip for clients we found a beautiful antique needlepoint rug with quite a bit of damage.  It was the inspiration for the color palette in this room.  Tobacco has long been a favorite color of mine.  Again these colors are muddy so they appear more neutral.  The pale rug has a faint hint of blue as does the old upholstery on the bench.  We brought a little more of the blue in with the bluebirds on the custom hand-painted chests.

A touch of the pale blue is repeated in the slip-covered chair in the vanity area.

The antique terracotta fragments were purchased at the same time as the needlepoint rug.  We hadn't started the house yet and I wasn't certain where to use them.  First thoughts were to build them into the mantel in the living room.  This ended up being the perfect place.

This spare bedroom turned out better than expected.  We started from scratch here.  Furniture and pieces that we have acquired over the years were incorporated into every other room in the house but this one.  As much as I love warm colors, I'm very drawn to dreamy creams and whites too. It was fun to use these colors for a change. Notice we used the same paint color through-out the house.  The walls are very slightly textured.  The paint is Pratt & Lambert Ceylon ivory with a light Early American stain glaze.  This color palette is a beautiful backdrop for the warm rich colors used elsewhere in the house as well as with these soft neutrals.

I hope you've enjoyed the tour.  Be sure and check out the November issue 

to read Paulette Pearson's beautifully written article and view Nancy Nolan's fabulous photography.

Another huge thank-you to Diane Carroll, Editor In Chief of At Home for doing such an amazing job styling and orchestrating the entire shoot.  You’re a real pro and it was a major treat spending the day with you.

Gosh, I'm exhausted.  I'm ready to hear from you.  What do you think?  It's your turn.  Let's talk!