Exciting News!!!....

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!  Ours was wonderful. I'm just so thankful for the many blessings in my life.  Speaking of blessings, I have two fun things to tell you about.

The winner of our napkin ring giveaway is Vicki Burnett.

We're so excited for Vicki.  First she is a dear friend.  And second, she is a wonderful client.  She won fair and square and we are delighted.  Let this be encouragement to all of you!  Just Comment.  It's not that hard, and you just might be the next winner!

With the launch of our new online


we have lots of promotions and giveaways planned. If you haven't signed up to follow, do it now. Comment.  It's that easy!!

The next thing we're excited about is that our good friend and business associate Bill Parkinson with Parkinson Building Group did a very nice post last week as a follow up to the

At Home In Arkansas

article on my new home.

He shares lots of photos that were not in the magazine.  Please

go here

and check it out and let me know what you think!

One more thing, we're still tweaking and changing things in the

online store.

I'm trying to make sure that some basic things are working.  If you have already signed up to follow the store, have you received any E-mails about new posts?  There have only been a couple, but I want to make sure it is working.  Please let me know!

In fact we just added some new small items to the store that you won't want to miss, along with some beautiful pewter and silver inspiration.

Click here

to  check it all out.

Enjoy the weekend with your family.  Start your Christmas shopping or decorating or whatever it is you do this weekend.  And if you have just a minute, it's your turn.  What's up with you? 

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