Holiday Inspiration: Welcome Guest Blogger Kathysue with "Good Life of Design"

My Introduction of Guest Blogger, Kathysue


One of my favorite parts of blogging has been the amazing talent I am constantly exposed to and the new friendships I've made.  Kathysue with

Good Life of Design

has a real eye for new inspiration and is a daily read of mine.  Her zest for life and the holidays in particular is contagious.  We really appreciate Kathysue taking the time to share her favorites with us today.  Enjoy…

Kathysue's Favorite Inspirations

Isn’t it just wonderful that Mona is doing this series!!!  I am so excited to see all the other holiday posts by our fellow bloggers.  I am quite honored to be the first at bat! So without any further ado, here we go……

It is no secret to all that know me that I LOVE!!!!  the Christmas season.  I love everything about it. As many of you have done, I have decorated for Christmas for many years. I am a traditionalist, but I am also a decorator, so each year I try to add or shake things up a bit.

I collect images throughout the year, so when Christmas comes around I have something to get me going in a fun new direction.

As I reviewed the holiday post I have written and ready to go, it dawned on me why not show the  images here that are my favorite this year.   So, that is what I decided to blog about- my personal favorites!!

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Country Living

This is one of my all-time favorites. I love black and white with a pop of green. The simplicity of this image is so appealing to me. If I see stripes, especially  black and white stripes, I am in heaven!!

Elegant Flair

Another simple idea, but this time it has a little more elegant flair. I love an understated elegant look.

Simple Elegance


Simple elegance at it's best!

I have already shown this one on my blog and it was a favorite among my reader’s.

I think this is just a really simple and fun idea.  Bottomless cylinders  are used here and the lights have white wire to keep it, yet again, simple!!

I love how they spelled out a word with natural greenery.  I have a real love for anything with words, letters or numbers.

Festive Back

I love the festive look on the backs of these chairs.

angel wing chairs

Speaking of backs of chairs - I love a little whimsy and I think these angel wings would do the trick!

Light up your stiarway

If you were having an adult party this would be a great way to light up your stairway.

Outdoor lighting

A fun little touch for your outside stairs leading up to your porch.

3 Wreathes

Speaking of porches, if one wreath is good and two is better, three has to be the best!!!

I am going to stop here, even though I do have several other favorites in my file for this year.  I don’t want to bombard poor Mona and her readers.  I hope you have enjoyed just a little glimpse into the images that are inspiring mydecorating this year!!

Merry Christmas to You and Yours!

I will sign off as I do on my own blog...

“Enjoy the Process”

Of Finding new and inspiring images that you can add to your holiday decorating arsenal.


Thanks to Kathysue!  So many wonderful ideas.  I love the three wreaths hung vertically and the creatively lit stairways.  What do you think?  Did you find some new inspiration for your decor this year.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Images via Pinterest