"Sisters"... Favorites for The Holidays

Before we sign off for a few days, thought we would share some of our Personal Holiday Favorites!

A few of mine...

  • Favorite Holiday Song…  Vanessa Williams - "Baby It's Cold Outside"
  • Go-To Hostess Outfit…  Lace, satin, or sequins with jeans or black pants.
  • Go-To Hostess Gift…  Nice bottle of Pinot Noir.
  • Favorite Holiday Appetizer…  Black Olive Tapenade on toasted baguette bread
  • Favorite Holiday Dessert…  Caramel Croissant Bread Pudding
  • Favorite Holiday Drink…  Homemade Eggnog

Sister's Picks...

  • Favorite Holiday Song…  Hall and Oates - "Son of a Carpenter"
  • Go-To Hostess Outfit…  Black satin pants, Black velvet top and Lace Boots
  • Go-To Hostess Gift…  Thymes  Frazier Fir Candle
  • Favorite Holiday Appetizer…   Savory Jalapeno Cheese Fudge
  • Favorite Holiday Dessert…  Our Mother's Crème Brulee
  • Favorite Holiday Drink…  Frozen Cranberry Slush

We know you have your own favorites.  One last time, share your thoughts.  We love to hear from you and there are still folks looking for inspiration out there.

It's Your Turn.  Let's Talk!