On The Road Again

For the last several years we have seen a lot of the industrial-look and Belgian-influenced design shown by the high-end vendors.  This trip it is EVERYWHERE!  To see spaces designed completely around this look, both indoors and out, visit


.  They have done an amazing job with their spring collection.  Their rooms are really inspiring.

We met Judy Jones owner of The Plaid Veranda from Frisco Texas.  She had some really nice pieces.  As she put it, if you know what you are doing when you are shopping often you can have the "real thing" as opposed to reproductions for the same price.

This cart is a reproduction for $2000.00

This is an old pot rack installed over a new stainless worktable.  It sells for $1500.00.  Wouldn't this be a great substitute for the traditional island at a fraction of the cost?

Chris Bailey, the owner and designer of


, had some amazing things to show.  This handmade iron and select hardwood wine tasting cart has a 32 bottle storage capacity.  It is counter height with a 2" thick wood top with steel riveted trim.  It is really beautiful.

This is Chris with some of his other designs.

It can be really grueling out here. On Wednesday it rained so we trudged in rubber boots through the mud for two days.  At least my car didn't get stuck this year.  Last Fall, two kind men had to push us out of a lot and we flung mud all over them. It has been really cold and windy. By the end of the day our dogs are barking.  Looks like this dog has got it figured out.

These next images will give you a little taste of what is coming home on our truck.

We couldn't resist this handmade table with the zinc top banded in steel and painted cypress base.

This square steel riveted top table is going to be a game table in a client's home.

This really wonderful 42" old clock face is also already spoken for.

Love these French inspired-square iron and wood top stools.

We particularly like these little round stools. They could also be used as a small side table to hold a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

We have been looking for months for lanterns for a client.  A pair of these will be just perfect hanging from the groin vault ceiling in their gallery.

This steel industrial inspired bookcase is only 10" deep.  It is a very versatile piece.

We are in love with these handmade burlap shades.  We bought this one and custom designed others. Luz is making them just for us.  These could be used on floor or table lamps but would be really cool used as hanging pendant lights.

Treasure hunting can just WEAR YOU OUT!

The industrial /Belgian look can easily be incorporated into traditional, contemporary and European inspired designs.  Don't worry if this is not your thing.  We have some other really fabulous finds on our truck as well.  Stay tuned for more updates.