Beyond The Garden Gate…

Don't you just love beautiful iron gates? When I see one it always compels me to venture in and discover what lies beyond.

I purchased these old gates from a dealer out of Atlanta a few years ago while our home was still under construction. They open from the side yard into the rose garden off our master bedroom.

This gate was one I found at Arkansas Ironworks that someone had discarded. Can you believe this was someone's cast off?

I'm planning an herb garden behind these gates. (That is if I can stay off the computer long enough to get it planted)

Image via unknown source

Is this not just beautiful? Lot's of inspiration here.

Image via unknown source

Love this courtyard entry.

James Doyle was the architect that created this fabulous garden featured in Veranda.

Image via Veranda

Wow! Just look beyond this gate. Just beautiful.

Image via Cote de Texas

Can I just say, I love everything about this! This fabulous home belongs to Reed Dillon of Reed Dillon and Associates in Lawrence, Kansas. Reed is an extremely talented landscape architect.

Image via Cote de Texas

Another pair of gates found on Reed Dillon's property. He found these, as well as other design elements used through out his landscape, in antique stores and salvage yards. The Dillons are good friends of Joni Webb of

Cote de Texas

. They shared with her personal photos of the entire grounds and their incredible home. Joni, in-turn, shared them all with complete details on her blog a month or so ago. If you didn't see this you have to go there now. You just don't want to miss

this fabulous post


This is a wonderful time of the year. We are so enjoying blogging and sharing some of the beautiful things that inspire us with all of you. We want to shout out a big THANK-YOU to Joni Webb of Cote de Texas. Your blog is amazing and a constant source of inspiration. Our readers will definitely enjoy getting to know you as much as we have.

I'm off to the nursery now to pick up some more herbs and flowers. I will be hosting a couple of functions here at the house in a few weeks, so projects abound, particularly outdoors. We are also currently working on a couple of outdoor spaces for clients that we hope to share with you soon. Everyone have a great day, and get out and enjoy this delightful weather!