One Designer -- Four Different Looks

It's hard to believe we have only been blogging for two months. I spend so much time at my computer researching, writing and reading other blogs that it seems like I have been doing this forever. I have to apologize for my writing skills; I'm hopeful they will get better over time, but the truth is I am not a writer, just PASSIONATE about design.

One of our very first posts was of a home that was designed by Eleanor Cummings. It was featured in the April issue of House Beautiful magazine. At the time I didn't realize that she was also part of a design team that designed another favorite house that was featured in the previous March issue of House Beautiful. Bab Watkins and Julia Baker were the other two designers.

To see the first home that we blogged about, go to

A Texas Home Straight Out Of Italy


If you haven't been reading House Beautiful, you need to start. This has become one of our favorite shelter magazines.

Family room designed by Eleanor Cummings from the House Beautiful March issue.

On April 7th Joni Webb of Cote de Texas did a nice post contrasting two beautiful homes currently on the market in Houston. She wondered about the designer of House #1 and a readers comment revealed that Eleanor Cummings was the designer. No wonder this house was my favorite!

Family room from Cummings' designed home on the market in Houston.

That's not all. The gorgeous home on the cover of the April issue of Veranda magazine was designed by none other than Eleanor Cummings.

To think that just two short months ago we had never even heard of Eleanor Cummings -- and now I feel like I'm stalking her.

While all four homes are really beautiful, they are very different. That's probably the reason why we didn't recognize who the designer was instantly. As Joni Weber of

Cote de Texas

so eloquently put it, "She uses common design elements such as antique mirrors and furniture, sconces, seagrass rugs, slipcovers, linens, silks and velvet, chandeliers, lanterns and antique Oushak rugs. There is honesty to her design. Her designs rise to the architecture. If a house is imposing, her interiors are finer. If the house is cozy, her interiors match it."

To see more pictures and all the details of all four houses in one place, visit Cote de Texas

Two-Cuties-Part Two: Comments Lead To Answers


As you can tell, we are crazy about this style of design. We are working very hard to develop the resources needed to do jobs at this level here in Little Rock. Traveling and collecting our own inventory is just one step in that process. We are spending a lot of time developing relationships all across the country and beyond in an effort to give both our personal clients and the faithful designers we work with unique choices.

Go take a look at all four houses and then come back and comment. Which house would you choose as your favorite?