New shipment arrives at Fabulous Finds!

We unloaded and redid our booths today at Fabulous Finds.  As usual, when a new shipment arrives, it was a very long, very full day.

As you can see, it's all hands on deck.  It took 8 people to make it all happen today.  From unloading , and putting legs on a sideboard…

to hanging mirrors and other accessories. We could not possibly get it all done in a day without a LOT of help.

Talena is really trying to figure it all out.

Here we have cleared everything out (which is a job in itself) and have started to bring in new merchandise.  If you have never worked  a rented booth situation, there is very limited space available in which to work.  Everything has to come off the tables and out of the bookcases so that the new merchandise can be introduced.  But where do you put things in the meantime?  Oh, the fun (and stress ) begins!

An amazing transformation!

Remember the old chalk Fisherman statue from our "Simply Irresistible" post?

We have a pair of these mirrors, and they are amazing.  The tops are all hand-carved wood and the mirrors are aged.  These are really one-of-a-kind pieces.

We love tea carts, and this painted wicker one is particularly special.  They can be used in so many different places.  They make wonderful side tables at the end of a sofa or daybed or between two chairs.  The french lady figurine holding the basket is another great find.  How pretty to fill her basket with fresh flowers?  Great just as she is or what a special lamp base she would make?

Speaking of daybeds, we really love those.  This iron daybed would be fabulous indoors or out.  The grain sack and stenciled pillows are really popular right now.  Toss a few on for a very fun and  inexpensive way to update a chair or sofa.  And market baskets have been a favorite accessory of ours for a while.  We use them for everything from laundry baskets and toy storage to great fillers on the top of armoires or bookcases.  Slide one under a desk or console and fill with magazines, books or dried flowers.  The possibilities are endless.  They add a great look for  very little money.

This iron industrial bookcase is great.  It is 75"wide and only 10"deep.  Just look at how much it holds in very little space.  Lots of fun new accessories here.  The apothecary bottles are really neat as well as the turtle shells.  We have seen them made into lamp bases that were incredible.  We bought a lot of old and new that have a very "old " look concrete urns and planters this trip.  We don't think these will last long.  We have the best selection of leather books we have ever had.  Right now we have all sizes and some complete sets.

We have a pair of these tufted linen upholstered chairs.

Another tea cart.  This one is antique brass with a removable tray.  We have 2 of the little French double cane benches.  The fabulous crown is late 18th century.  The Swedish chest is also new this trip.

Absolutely one of our FAVORITE FINDS!  This large concrete sheep statue is incredible.

Aren't these burlap shades fun?  They would be great on a table or floor lamp, or as a hanging pendant light.  Notice the fabulous old iron wall or window flower boxes on the wall.

This is a nice iron console with a distressed wood top.  We have a pair of these French carved back side chairs with beautiful tapestry seats.

Aren't these little wood and iron French industrial stools cute?  They would also be a great little table beside a chair for a cup of coffee or glass of wine.

And finally, we love a skirt on anything.  These linen skirted benches are so versatile.  We use them everywhere.  As seen here they can be used as seating on just one or both sides of a dining table.  They are great at the foot of a bed or in front of a fireplace.  Flank a pair of windows with them.  We have one in our closet to sit and put our shoes on.

We have a set of six of the tapestry chairs with the barley twist legs.  I think it would be fun to have slip-covers made for them and have "winter" and "summer" chairs.

The little square iron and wood stools are fun as well.  Cute just as they are or with cushions made for the tops.

These are just a few pics from the booths today.  If you are in Little Rock we invite you to come take a look for yourself so you can see everything.  Our warehouse is also packed so if you are looking for something special you don't see just let us know.

We had a wonderful buying trip and blogging along the way made it even more fun.  It's great to be home and see it all come together.  Sharing our journey with you has been the icing on the cake!