The Splendid Willow's giveaway ends soon!

One of our favorite design blogs,

The Splendid Willow

, will be

wrapping-up its latest giveaway

this Wednesday.

At steak is a gorgeous piece of jewelery from the talented Texas jewelry designer

Åsa Daxberg's

2010 summer collection. The featured piece is "recycled glass joy."

It's valued at $130 and is made by recycled Petrol colored glass beads from Africa, The Splendid Willow says. The beads are hanging on a hand dyed leather band together with a hand hammered silver medallion.

But if it just isn't you, fear not! If you're chosen, you could pick

something worth up to $130 from her website

instead. And trust us, there's


to choose from!

You're probably wondering how you win. Well, it's easy! Simply comment on The Splendid Willow's blog post,

"Spring Giveaway From Swedish Jewelry Designer"

, as to why you'd want this piece or a different one, and voila! you're eligible. Increase your chances by Tweeting or blogging about the giveaway, too!

The giveaway ends Wednesday, May 12th, at midnight, so run on over there and let her know what you'd prefer!