Life Is Good At the Lake

We went to our lake house on Greers Ferry Lake this weekend to clean everything up and get ready for the season. Our last time there was Labor Day weekend. Because we thought we might return during the Fall, we didn't cover the party barge. Big mistake! We did not go back, and you have never seen so much pollen. Poor Don. It was in every crevice. He tackled cleaning the boat and I concentrated on the screened-in porch and house.

Each time we open the door to the lake house, I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. I call it our "happy house" because we are never happier than when we are there just the three of us or with family and friends.

A little history…

The house was built approximately 12 years ago. A guy from around Chicago visited Greers Ferry and fell in love with the area. He decided to build a home for he and his wife and spent a year doing so. When we bought the property, there was a little out building beside the house that he lived in during construction. The sad ending to the sweet story is that his wife was not at all happy on Greers Ferry Lake, so after a year they put the house on the market and returned to Chicago. Some friends of ours with four children bought the house for a weekend retreat and enjoyed it for 5 or 6 years. We bought the house from them 4 years ago.

The entire house may be pushing 1300 square feet with 8ft. high ceilings. The first thing we did was paint the ceilings and walls a soft camel color. We hired a local painter and he was mortified that we would paint the ceilings anything other than white. Much to his amazement, the rooms looked bigger instantly. The kitchen, living room, and dining space are all one. A rock fireplace sits in the center of the room.

The living area faces one side of the fireplace.

I love this miniature bench.

Around the corner is a small nook with a game table and chairs.

The dining area faces the other side of the fireplace. The pair of leather chairs were in our storage. Don had used them in his office years ago. I had the bench made and upholstered with a drury rug. The art was also in storage. The piece over the sofa is by the same artist.We have had these for a while but never had the right place to hang them.

The weather was so cool this weekend. It was really nice to build one last fire.

The kitchen was the biggest part of the makeover. All the cabinets and island were stained wood. Talena and I painted the cabinets red and glazed them. The back splash is white ceramic tile and the counter tops are taupe formica edged with wood trim. We didn't change them, but had a stained concrete top made for the island. It looks great. It is strong enough to balance the large rock fireplace in the center of the room.

Talena brought her sewing machine the weekend we moved in and made the café curtains from a remnant of red check fabric we had.

We did a distressed black finish on the island and I added old hardware to the drawers and doors.

The previous owner made these bunk beds for the spare bedroom. I painted them red. It only took 4 coats of paint to cover them. Ugh!! The green bed spreads are from Wal-Mart.

A custom lamp made from a minnow bucket.

Fun Flea Market finds for the spare bath.

Don had this Ralph Lauren bedding when we got married 23 years ago. I made a drape from the shower curtain panels. Both bedside tables were Flea Market finds.

Another custom lamp made from an antique corbel.

This is the view we wake up to every morning while we are there. I took this picture from the bedroom.

Funny little dog vase holds Q-tips. Talena and I were in our 20's in the photo. We have been lovin' the lake for a long time!

This is our very favorite spot. There is literally no place in the world I would rather be. Oh, I think that's from my favorite Keith Urban song.

The porch is only 8ft. deep. I wish I had built the house. The porch would definitely be at least 2 ft. deeper. But really, could we have any more fun?

View through the screen.

The first thing I always do as soon as the car is unloaded is turn on my "lake music", which is mostly country. My favorite lake song is Keith Urban's "God's Been Good To Me." If you visit us you will have to listen to it with me, and I turn the volume way up. I just swell up with thankfulness and know that I am in for a very good weekend. Life is just so good at the lake.

What do you think?  Where do you go to relax and regroup?  Do you have a favorite spot?