The Design Tour and a Sneak Peek!

Last night was the

Chandler and Associates

Design Tour of our new home.

It's almost midnight. The last light is turned off and candle snuffed out. I'm exhausted. Don is in Washington on business, so I spent a little alone time on our newly decorated porch after everyone left.

I'm sure I spent more time outside getting ready for this tour than inside. I love having a deadline and it feels so good to be finished with my Spring planting. Well, almost done. I ran out of time and did have to hide a few plants for later.

The herb garden off my kitchen is going to be one of my very favorite spots. We installed a screen door here. There was a nice breeze tonight and it was delightful to be able to leave the door open and feel the breeze inside as well.

This perennial/rose garden off our Master bedroom rivals the herb garden for first place in my heart. I love being able to open the drapes up to this beautiful vista.

Ronnie and Patrick and the guys from

The Good Earth

nursery did a great job on the yard and beds. They worked really hard the past few days replacing things that didn't make it through the winter, pruning, mulching and planting bedding annuals. Everything looks just beautiful.

With Don out of town, Buddy and Delores were in charge of taking care of Cappi. We were afraid she might try to slide out the door behind someone.

The students were very interested in everything, but they particularly liked our art collection.We have been married 23 years and bought our first piece on our honeymoon. Collecting art has been a shared passion of ours ever since. Tom took an opportunity here to explain the importance of art to our overall design.

Talena and I both believe that it's definitely the details that make the difference in any installation. Getting ready for this tour has been all about tweaking and fine tuning details.

We don't like to use "typical" bathroom accessories. It's so much more fun to gather interesting pieces to use in these spaces as well.

In this guest bath, I had a custom towel bar made from an antique piece of hardware off of an old piece of furniture. It looks really beautiful with these linen hand towels from

Cobblestone and Vine


The hardware I found to make the towel bar in the powder room is really special. The trim on these guest towels is a beautiful grey-velvet. (Just a little side note…we found three wonderful matching pieces of iron on our last buying trip that will become towel bars soon. Let us know if you are interested).

A home needs to feel like it evolved over time even if it didn't. We shop EVERY WHERE, and flea markets are some of our favorite stops. This beautiful tray was only $8.

The mirrored iron tray is one of my favorites. Footed trays or pedestals are great for vanities. Everything is so much prettier at varied heights. Fresh flowers always add the right touch.

As you can see Cappi is very comfortable now that everyone is gone. She has a little treat beside her for being such a "good girl".

Tonight is just a little sneak peek into our new home. I'm having professional photos taken in a few weeks and don't want to spoil that. What do you think about what you've seen so far?