You are Invited to a Stylish Virtual Soiree...

Just last week we decided to throw a "Stylish Soiree" to celebrate the finale of 

The Shiny Pebble Designer Challenge

. Nota lot of time to pull it all together!

First things first.  Lists had to be made...



...This party is all about fun.  The designers have been working hard and deserve to celebrate!  It's easy to pull it all together with flowers of the season.  Hydrangeas are gorgeous right now.  Blues and whites mixed will be fabulous!

2.  The


...Who should we invite?  The perfect party is always a mix of old and new friends.  Of course we would invite all our readers.  What better way to say thanks for following us and for all your comments and words of encouragement? We also wanted to invite our new blogger friends. We owe them a big thank-you for their constant source of inspiration. We hope they will join us. I guess we shall see when it gets to the




...Not enough time for printed invitations so they had to be hand done.  The time will be 6:30 p.m.  Regrets only, and the attire will be "

Dressy Chic


Think we will hand deliver the invites to the gals that met the challenge. We want them to be our

guests of honor


Raina Cox @

If The Lampshade Fits

, Christian Fluegge @


, Beth Connolly @

Chinoiserie Chic

, Amy Forshew @

Pemberley Style

, Charlotta Ward @

Space For Inspiration

, Leigh Oaks @

Elle Oh

, Kellie Collis @

Ada and Darcy

, Gwen Driscoll @

Ragland Hill Socia

l and of course Catherine with

The Shiny Pebble


We loved these beautiful papers with hand-tied ribbons for the invitations from


.  Elizabeth with

Pretty Pink Tulips

blogged about these last week.



...It will be Chop-Chop Salad with gingered shrimp and calamari for the main dish, recipe compliments of Daniel Boulud owner of 10 award winning restaurants and the Feast and Fetes Catering Company in New York City.  This was featured in the June issue of Elle Decor Magazine.  It sounds delicious.  We'll do a similar version with chicken for those who don't care for seafood.    Assorted cheeses and breads will be the perfect compliment.  His wine recommendations to play off the mix of complex flavors were Josef Leitz Eins Zwei Dry 3 2008, a Riesling, and Hirsch Gruner Veltliner Lamm 2003 a Chablis.



...OK we've got the wine but special party drinks are always fun.  Mango Lime Sangria from the

Backyard Bartender

by Nicole Aloni via the July issue of Veranda Magazine sounds really yummy!

For those who prefer no alcohol, Catherine's

Glam Summer Lemonade


The Shiny Pebble

is delicious.



...We always start setting the "scene" for our parties several days before. We don't want any surprises.  Since the  attire for the party is "Dressy Chic"  we are going to mix elegant with rustic.  Sterling silver and crystal will be used with less formal hotel silver and vintage breadboards for serving pieces.

These were our dry run pics,thus the really bad lighting and photography.  We decided to add lots of fresh white flowers with the blue to lighten things up.  Definitely more hydrangeas and probably roses and peonies.

The Jan Barboglio wine decanter from

Cobblestone and Vine

will hold the dressing for the salad.

Starched white napkins are the best.  The hand decoupaged plates will add to the mix.

Too bad there is no time to order the wonderful napkins from

Leontine Linens

that Gwen Driscoll with

Ragland Hill Social

recommended.  We have just recently become acquainted with Gwen.  She is a Southern gal with loads of style.  Maybe for our next party?

Candles must be everywhere!  These glass pot unscented candles are from Pottery Barn.  They come in two larger sizes as well. Those will be used on the outdoor tables.



The music definitely sets the mood.  We called on our good friend Vicki Burnett to help with our selection.  If you've not heard her sing, you've missed out.  She's amazing. 

Our playlist is a mix

of upbeat contemporary with vocals and strictly instrumental.  You need to check it out.  Its just the background for this event, however its nice for the guests who find themselves alone to really be able to enjoy it.  I also tend to play my music a bit loud  so "Sister" will have to watch me on that.

One of the great things about throwing your own party, and particularly in your own home, is you get to set the "stage".  All the little details and hard work become a very special "gift" to your guests.  And speaking of gifts...



...The perfect ending to the perfect party is for your guests to find a little parting gift by the front door on their way out.  Elizabeth with

Pretty Pink Tulips

came to our rescue.  She recommended these individually boxed macarons from

Paulette Macarons

.  We chose Caribbean Chocolate for the favors.  Yum!   We also decided to order an assortment to pile high on trays for dessert.  Caramel, Colombian Coffee, Lemon, and Sicilian Pistachio were our choices.  These can be ordered online and shipped overnight.

We thought it would be nice to give a special gift to all the designers who worked so hard on the Design Challenge.   

Cobblestone and Vine

has great unique gifts.These ultra cool graphite objects by Sculptor Anelio Batte will be just perfect.  Each unusual piece is equally an object of art and a functional writing tool.

They come in several different styles so we chose an assortment and wrapped them all uniquely.

When planning a party you can't forget to add yourself to the


In fact that can become an entire list in itself...Nails, Hair, Dress, Shoes, Jewelry...  As I've already told you we've only had a week to get ready for this Soiree.  When it came to the

"us list

" we decided to get some major help.  We chose a few dresses and shoes we liked and then turned it all over to our good friend Trish Roberson, owner of

Roberson's Fine Jewelry

.  She got with her girls and they made the final choice. They completely accessorized us.  Who better to choose our jewels and make us feel fabulous?

Fabulous Gurhan jewels, just the right touch for this dress.

Wow!  Don't you just love Armenta?  No longer just a "little black dress"!

Just had to throw in these fabulous YSL shoes!

OK, Who wore what?  We'll let you decide!

Now that the party is over, though slightly exhausted, our adrenaline is still up.  A few close friends remain, we grab a plate and heap it high because in all the excitement we have forgotten to eat.  We curl up on the sofa, shoes kicked off, feet tucked under us and rehash the entire evening.  Ahh...I think this may be my favorite part.  You go first...What did you think about the party?

Let's Talk!!!