A Soulful Journey...

I fell in love with a Provencal home renovated and designed by French designer Michel Biehn that is featured in this month's Veranda magazine.  The house and grounds are amazing, but what truly captivated me was the relationship between the home owner and the designer.  Michael said that when the owner asked him to help with her house,"it was one of those serendipitous moments when two minds click".  They began what he calls "a conversation and ten years of fun".

All of our clients are friends.  If they weren't before, by the time the job is finished they certainly are.  Recently we posted a couple of  Before and Afters that we completed for a client and  good friend . 

Let's Kick Back on the Porch


One Thing Calls for Another

were the posts.  Just click the links if you missed them.  As we worked in their home on these makeovers, the


has always been for our client to build a home in the country.  We are so excited that this


is about to come true.  They have just purchased this beautiful property.

The planning process is in full swing.  We've had several meetings with the architect and builder.  Bobby McAlpine has inspired us with gorgeous images in his new book,

The Home Within Us.

An initial rendering of our client's new home.

We have not been designing homes professionally for years and years.  We don't have hundreds of completed jobs to our credit, just thousands of ideas in our heads!

We feel very fortunate to be a part of this journey and would like to invite you along as well.  We'll be posting plans and decisions from beginning to end.  We want your input.  You just might be the tie breaker on difficult decisions.  Let's get started.  Are you as excited about this project as we are?  Are you up for all the decisions that have to be made?

It's your turn.

Let's Talk!