The Perfect Client.......Another Before and After

Tobi Fairley Designs

recently asked her readers on facebook the question...

What makes a good client?

There were various responses, but the overwhelming consensus was


".  We couldn't agree more.  Part of trusting  is the ability to give up total control and let the designer do what you hired them to do,

their very best!

Over the past few weeks we have been posting some

Before and After

projects. When thinking about the "

Perfect Client

" this particular job came to mind.



We replaced the sectional and added woven wood blinds and custom draperies.  Accessories such as the antique rug pillow, crest and contemporary art are important additions as well.

The  computer desk was replaced with a table the client had in storage.  The addition of a desk chair and custom ottomans makes it easy for more than one person to work together on a project.

A larger floor lamp, table and other accessories cozy up this corner.  The perfect spot to read or watch television.

The Before and After Projects we have been posting were all done with conservative budgets.    A smaller television or custom built-ins were not options.  Finding a cabinet that would accommodate the size of the t.v. was a challenge.  This unit originally had glass doors.  We removed the glass and added  wire grill with fabric behind it to hide the components.  Baskets provide additional storage.

This was a small yet rewarding project.  The client has great taste but does not want to be limited to just her own ideas.  She values other opinions and expertise. Together we created an inviting space that her entire family now enjoys.  This is the "Perfect Client".

What do you think about the client/designer relationship?  What kinds of experiences have you had?  We love your feedback.  It's your turn.

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