We're updating our blogroll!

It's hard to believe we've been blogging for almost four months now. Now that we've gotten into the groove we can't help but wonder why it took us so long to hop on the blogging bandwagon! It's a lot of fun, and we love reading other blogs  and commenting on them as well. We can't imagine that we've been missing out for so long!

This month, we're doing a little blog housekeeping. We’re updating our blogroll, and we’re looking for a few good suggestions.

Have a favorite design blog? Let us know!  We don't want to miss out on anything and are always  looking for some inspirational additions to beef up our blog’s little black book.

We have gone through our comments and have added all of you who've been sweet enough to drop us a line. If you think we missed you, please let us know!

For those of y'all not on it -- we’d love to hear from you! If you’ve been stopping by and haven’t made yourself or your blog known, now’s the time to speak up! Leave us your blog address and name, and we’ll add you to our blogroll!