The Soulful Journey Continues

Recently I posted about a new project with a client that has purchased a beautiful piece of property in the country.  To read that post go here.

The floor plan is almost complete.  The final draft is now in sight.  We consider this the bare bones stage.

Thursday we met to flesh out the "soul" of the house.   What is the soul?  It's that feeling you get the minute you walk in the door.  It can't be explained but everyone wants to hang out , because it feels just like home.  It all seems so effortless, and that's exactly what we want.

It's early in the game so anything can change, but we decided to share a few inspirational images.  Our hope is you will follow us from beginning to end.  It's going to be a very soulful journey.

The vision is "French farmhouse" but will actually be quite a mix.  This is really such a small taste of the inspiration we are gathering.   We're dying to know what you think.  We would love to hear your comments.  Feel free to E-mail any ideas.  It's your turn.

Let's talk!

Inspirational images via Veranda, Valdirose, Dress Design Decor,Bobby McAlpine,Splenderosa.