Clean Design

I saw this post by Maria Killam from

Colour Me Happy

and  thought I would share it with you.  Many of our clients are leaning toward a more neutral palette. We continue to see a lot of "all white" designs. Some of our favorites add a splash of bright color.

This particular homeowner needed help matching white paint for new doors to go with existing trim.  She was amazed at how many there were to choose from.  Maria is an expert with color and was able to help her make the right choice.

In this home the white theme flows throughout the house with dark accents here and there.  Take a look.

Images by Maria Killam

Though this is a bit of a departure from the style of the  bulk of our work, I really like it.  The design is very clean, simple and well edited.

Maria always has good advice when it comes to choosing colors.  To see more of her work visit Colour Me Happy.

What do you think?   Are you into  neutrals or is color what you're all about?  Are you following the more Modern trend, or do you prefer a more Eclectic style?  We want to hear your take on color and  design!  It's your turn.

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