Backyard Wedding Simplicity

Summer is here and even though it's hot out, wedding season is abound! While many will opt for a more classic and traditional celebration, the more subtle, simplistic backyard wedding can be just as beautiful.

Chic Provence

recently designed a chic setting that proves  backyard weddings are very special.

The tea lights surrounding the centerpiece create a pleasant ambiance for a sunset wedding.

Don't you just love the vintage bottles filled with an array of beautiful flowers?

This setting is absolutely fitting for a lovely backyard wedding!

The colors and patterns used in the setting match perfectly.

The Ikat napkins are great decorative elements for the table setting.

The chairs blend well with the setting without taking attention away from the table.  They add that classic, yet modern edge.

Photos Courtesy of Chic Provence and Chris Golson Photography

Back yard weddings create such a warm and intimate setting for that very special day.

What do you think?  Do you like the concept of a backyard wedding?  It's your turn.

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