What Will You Do With ...

These Books if you are the winner of our giveaway?

Decorating with books is really easy.  Decorating without them is more of a challenge.

Image via La Dolce Vita

Image via Things That Inspire

Image via Things That Inspire

Image via Jeffers Design Group

This living room designed by  Houston designer, Ashley Goforth is really beautiful.  The neutral color palette, generous sized furnishings with lovely slip-covers, gorgeous rug, fabulous drapes that frame the window perfectly, pretty pillows, nice art above the fireplace, appropriate lamps (no resin here) ,and well edited accessories that include coffee table books and interesting pottery collection in the bookshelves...Pretty much perfection.

Image via Cote de Texas

However, I would love to see the home owner start collecting beautiful honey colored antique leather books to add to the pottery collection in the bookshelves.  One of the reasons this room is so beautiful is that it has been well edited.  It is a very undecorated looking decorated room.  In our book, those are the best.  But antique leather books would add warmth, character and a little history here.  I'm always more comfortable in a room filled with books and these shelves are screaming for beautiful antique ones.

When we get to the comments you'll have give us your opinion.  But for now I've got to announce the winner of the antique leather books that "Sister" and I are giving away.  A huge thanks to everyone that has followed and commented this past week.  We hope you will keep coming back.  Your feedback has been great, and we've really enjoyed the conversation.

It's fun to give things away and we are so excited to announce that our new friend Elizabeth with Pretty Pink Tulips is the winner of the antique leather books. Now it's your turn Elizabeth. What will you do with these books?

Wouldn't it be great if everyone could win? For those of you that are wanting to start your own collection or add to one you already have, contact me or visit Providence Ltd. at Fabulous Finds.  We are having a huge sale right now and the leather books are included.

Image from Providence Ltd. Shop

It's your turn.  Let's talk!