And The Winner Is...

Please welcome Elizabeth Moyer with Pretty Pink Tulips today.  Elizabeth is the winner of our antique book giveaway and she is sharing her plans for the prize.  But first a little bit about Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is the proud mom of two young boys and an aspiring yogi. She is very passionate about living, giving and entertaining with style and grace. Although she is a native Texan, Elizabeth currently resides in New York.

In our last post, we asked what you would do if you were the winner of the antique leather book giveaway. Now that we have a winner, Elizabeth has shared her plans for the prize with us. Here's Elizabeth on her new antique leather books.

What a thrill to win the Providence Ltd Antique Book Give Away! I agree with Mona that decorating is easier with books than without them. I stack them, lean them, use them to add height and depth to spaces. And, I have the perfect space in my guest bedroom that could use some more books. The ones I have in there are all white (I took the book jackets off) or have a neutral cover. These will add some depth and richness.

The guest room is used by our family and friends numerous times a year and I wanted it to suit both masculine and feminine guests...and the look of antique leather books does exactly that. They will lend a sense of mystery, history...and add to the story of the house.

Books are art with a purpose. Find ones that appeal to you...and your bookshelves will tell your story.

Happy reading everyone!

Elizabeth (Pretty Pink Tulips)

Thank you Elizabeth for taking time to be here with us today at Providence Ltd. We really enjoyed you sharing how you plan to use the antique leather books! We're sure they will fit well with your other books!