Fun In The Sun With "Sister"

The computer is not my companion on this trip.  "Sister" and I have taken the week by ourselves to relax and regroup in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  With so many projects going on right now, we just needed the time away with no distractions to plan and scheme and re-structure.  Sometimes you just have to get out of town.

We have so many things to talk about.  Events for the Fall, exciting changes for the blog, an on-line store, on-line design, new sources and artisans we are working with, travel plans, specific goals and deadlines and how we will meet those.  A little overwhelming but exciting too.

Relaxing is a large part of the agenda.

We just can't get enough of walking on this beach!

Eating great food is also part of the plan.

A little sight seeing scheduled in.

And gorgeous sunsets!

Time away is definitely a good thing. The creative juices are flowing and the beauty around us is inspiring.  We can't wait to come home and let you in on all our new plans.  We think your gonna like them.

We'll talk soon!