Sunday Supper

Still out "hunting" for fabulous finds so there won't be any home-made supper  tonight.  We're staying at the Best Western in Brenham, Texas.  Most things are closed on Sunday night so "Sister" and I will more than likely order a pizza from the local Pizza Hut and eat in the room.  Sounds exciting huh?  Actually after a long day in the fields, kicking off our shoes and crawling up in the middle of the bed with a pizza sounds pretty good.

You would not believe how hot and humid it has been here.  Really, as much as we love this, it has been miserable.  On top of that RED ANTS HAVE BEEN RAMPANT.    We both have multiple bites,and our ankles are swollen and look like Aunt Bee from Andy with Mayberry.  Despite all this we are going to have a truck full of incredible finds.  Some of the best lighting and unique smalls that we have found in a long time.

Eight nights in the room would be too much for just about anyone tired or not, so here are a few of our favorite haunts while we're in town.

Volare Italian restaurant is always good.  The lasagna is a favorite for both of us.

Ernies restaurant was last night.  The atmosphere and food are great.  We had the most fabulous baked spinach salad with scallops.  If we can get the recipe we will be sharing it for another "Sunday Supper".    Feels like you're really steppin out, though we were so tired we weren't steppin very high.

Royers Café in Roundtop is a destination as much as a restaurant.  You just can't miss this place.  It's on the agenda for tomorrow night.


One more little favorite stop in the afternoons when we are up to it is The Wine Shop on the square in Roundtop.  We went last night and hope to make it back again before we leave.  It's really fun to sit and relax, watch the locals and visit with other "hunters" from around the country.  We always meet people that we seem to have a lot in common with.  The "thrill of the hunt" is just in our blood and it's exciting to compare notes and share stories.

We are having a great trip.  Had hoped to post more pictures of finds and things along the way, but the heat and humidity have been so exhausting that we just haven't been up to it.  By the time we get back to the room we are just done. It's going to be a big surprise when we get back.  It really has been a GREAT buying trip.  Your gonna love what we've found! It's not too late to comment or E-mail  to add your "wish list" to ours.  It's your turn.

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