Home Sweet Home

We rolled in last night about 6:00 p.m. and as much fun as we had, it is sooo good to be home!  I drove and "Sister" made price tags for eight hours straight.  We met the truck and two extremely valuable men, one just happens to be Sister's husband, at Fabulous Finds at 8:00 a.m.  It’s a very long day.  We rented an 18 ft. Penske truck and hired a driver to pick everything up that we bought over eight days at MULTIPLE locations. He hauled it all back to Little Rock.  Everything has to come off the truck.  We move, hang and arrange all that we can get into our rented spaces.  Everything that won't fit goes back on the truck and over to our warehouse. That happens to be quite a bit. The truck has to be returned by 5:00.  It's exhausting!!!  At the same time, friends and clients are all scurrying to be the first to purchase our "new finds."  It's quite a day!

I'll post pictures of everything as soon as I catch my breath!

I had another sweet surprise to come home to, other than my wonderful husband and oh so precious puppy.  Our new home will be featured in the November issue of

At Home In Arkansas magazine's

"At Home With the Pros” issue.  If you follow us, you know that they voted on Facebook and the

At Home In Arkansas blog

this week between two cover shots for the issue.  It was a surprise to me that we would be on the cover, and how fun that they had a hard time deciding between two shots!

The winner was #2, the doors opening to the covered veranda.  I can tell you that standing in the room the day they photographed this shot was pretty wonderful.  I wanted to call my friends and say, "Get over here, we need to have a party."  It felt so good.  We were all a little overwhelmed, and I was humbled.  I really wanted Don to come home and feel it too.  We've been so blessed.

Working with the entire magazine team has been such a great experience.  I have been impressed with their talent and enthusiasm, and know I have made new friends.  A great big thanks to At Home in Arkansas!

How would you have voted?  Which room do you think should have been the cover?  It's your turn.

Let's talk!