Sister's Talk...The Providence Ltd. Take on Design

We're excited to kick off this new series and start answering some of your questions.  Hopefully you'll become better acquainted with


sisters behind the Providence Ltd. Design aesthetic.

The first question goes to Talena...

Elizabeth with Pretty Pink Tulips asks, "What are you drawn to in regard to wall art these days?

Great question.  We are ALWAYS looking for unique and affordable art, found objects and architecturals for the walls.  We believe the same rules apply here as for the entire room.  A perfect mix of scale, texture, color and interest.  An addition of the unexpected is always a good thing too.

Original art in any style that the client prefers is always good...

In this Media Room we chose two colorful contemporary pieces.  The antique crest is a found piece that adds character and history to the space.

On another wall we hung the client's children framed in black and white..  This is a poor image but you might also notice the framed group of crests by the chair.

In this dining room we mixed fabulous contemporary art with very traditional furnishings.  Notice the scale of the art.

We love to use mirrors everywhere, and in every style...

Image via Acanthus and Acorn

A small mirror hung with a picture.

Image via Cote De Texas

A large gilt mirror with art and objects layered in front of it.

Image via J. Crew

A mirror leaning rather than hung is always fun.

A simple starburst mirror.

Image via Griege

A group of mirrors is a unique twist.

We did this is in a bathroom. We hung the first mirror at just the right place to use in front of the sink. Then filled the wall with a collection of mirrors. I wish I had an image to share.  It was wonderful.

Recently we've been downloading images of walls filled with interesting groupings...Looks like a trend, but actually very timeless.

Love this collection of plates hung together.  We're getting ready to do something similar on an upstairs hall landing wall for a client.  She has quite a few pretty plates that she has collected over the years, so this will be beautiful and  affordable.

Image via the Enchanted Home

Image via At Home in Arkansas

Stairways are difficult but this is a great idea.  Careful planning is required, but definitely worth the effort.

More Picture Groupings...

Lisa Luby Ryan via Cote de Texas

A collection of antique documents.

Image via things that Inspire

Image via Cote de Texas

We hung this collection of "old men" paintings for a client.

Image via La Dolce Vita

A similar collection posted by Paloma recently.  These are easily found if you scour flea markets.

I can't talk about walls without mentioning one of our favorite things to hunt for, antique or vintage coat of arms and crests.  Large or small we fit them in everywhere.  Walls, bookshelves, desks...

Image via A Perfect Grey

Nothing else needed.

Image via Splendid Willow

Love this collection!

Image via Ragland Hill Social

Art hung on windows or the fronts of bookshelves adds interest.

Depending on your style tapestries are beautiful...

Image via cote De Texas

John Saladino

Don't you just love this mirror mounted on the tapestry?  Yes I know. This cost a bazillion dollars! But we spend a lot of  time devouring images such as this for inspiration and coming up with  similar ideas for a fraction of the cost.  I'm not talking about design on a dime.   There's not a thing wrong with that concept, but it's just not what we do and it won't work here.

When it comes to the unexpected, architecturals and found objects do the trick...

The sconce in this stairway is as much for visual interest as it is additional lighting.

Image via Plum Siena

Image via House Beautiful

Love this collection of antlers.

Some of the ideas I've shown may look expensive but as I said earlier they don't have to be.  I'm currently working on a little project in my Game/Media room upstairs.   It's definitely time for an update but  we don't spend a lot of time there with the kids gone, so I'm not interested in spending a lot of money.  I've recovered a few pieces of furniture. My furnishings, paint and floor coverings are all a soft neutral.  Pops of color will come from  pillows, art and accessories.

The walls are my priority right now so I  headed to a Starving Artist Sale  this weekend.  I couldn't believe the number of people that were there.  It was crazy.

People were snatching and grabbing.  I joined in and chose a few pieces and headed to a corner to evaluate.  Let me just say that I was surprised to find something.  I was less than impressed with the offering.  But Sister and I are used to searching through just about anything  for a find, and so I did.

I chose three landscapes that were compatible.  I'm going to frame  and hang them together on one wall.

Here's a peek of two of them from the parking lot taken with my i-phone...

Some other things I've planned for the room are this huge  wicker winnow basket  for texture.  We have these in our Shop.

A couple of deer heads similar to this one will find their way into the room.  They're my husbands prized trophies and he's very happy  to see them come out of storage.

I'll probably add a clock similar to this...

I plan to do a picture grouping similar to some I've shown today  on one wall.  I've yet to find them, but hunting is my favorite part.

A long answer to what seemed like a very simple question??  Not really though, that's probably why you asked the question.  Walls can be difficult, but they are a very important design opportunity in every room so there's no simple answer.  We never do the same thing twice. It's a brand new question every time.  We evaluate what the client already has and then say  Ok, What are we going to do?  What do we need to make this the best it can be?

What to do with walls is a huge topic so that's it for today.  Next week Mona will answer two questions from readers about paint?  This is fun and we're so happy to give you both of our perspectives so you can really get to know us and our shared design philosophy.  Keep the questions coming.  We'll answer them all.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!