It's Friday...And We're Thankful!

Yeah!  It's Friday.  I'm not sure why I've always loved Friday so much, but for as long as I can remember it's been my favorite day of the week.  Probably just anticipation for the weekend, but when possible we try to schedule an easier day on Friday.

Image via Dress Design Decor

Like shopping for clients or (us), fun lunch with we're not only thankful for Friday but for our wonderful  friends who have so graciously awarded us the Stylish Blogger Award this week.

Who doesn't enjoy a few accolades once in a while?  But we were amazed this week when three  blogging buddies thought enough about what we're doing to pass the award on to us.  Wow!  We're not going to hold on to it as long as The Comments Award.  It's just too much fun to pass on.

First....Thank-you Beth with

Design Chic

.  We've not been following each other long, but just love your style and the fact that this is a Mother /Daughter blogging team.  How fun is that?

Image via My Design Chic

Next Maureen with Eclectic Revisited dropped off an award.  She has such a sense of style.  We seriously love every image she posts!

Image via Eclectic Revisited blog

And last but certainly not least our old and very dear friend Diana with One Crafty Fox.  Diana is talented in so many ways.  You really need to check out the beautiful handmade designs in her Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much to all of these dear, lovely women.

Now we're supposed to tell you a few things about us that you may not know.  Since I gave you my life history earlier in the week, I'm going to share a few things about "Sister" you may not know and then some of our shared favorite design elements.

1.This beautiful blue-eyed boy is Talena's grandson.  I know that some of you think he is mine because I can't stop talking about him.  The truth is "Sister " has a very generous spirit and shares both her children and grandchildren with me since I don't have any.

2. Talena was a dental hygienist for over 23 years.

3.  She sews.  She would tell you barely, but you should see the curtains she has made.

4.  She's a wonderful decorative or "faux" paint artist.

5.  Her family comes first...ALWAYS!!!

6.  She practices patience.  Another gene I didn't inherit but serves us both well when working on projects.

7.  She'll always be 3 years older than me. He, He, He!!!!

OK, some of our favorite design elements...


Image via Cottage Living


Image via House Beautiful

Slip-covers...Image via Veranda


Image via A Perfect Gray

Antique leather books...

Image via Velvet and Linen


Image via Paul Corrie

Trumeau Mirrors...


Image via Cote de Texas

Console tables...

Image via Veranda


Benches and Ottomans...

Anything old...

Anything Fabulous...

Image via Little Blue Deer

And anything French...

Image via French Essence

We also love blogging and want to pass the Stylish Blogger award to...

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And last but certainly not least,In the Country

Image via In the Country Blog

We admire each of you and look forward to what you have to share in the future.

We're ready to here what you have to say.  It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Don't know what I did, but just keep scrolling down to reach the comments.  Thanks!