Do You think Change Is Coming?

If you spend much time at the computer searching for inspiration you tend to see the same things over and over.  For the past few years we've  been inundated with all white or gray interiors.  I've been on the same love boat, downloading and tearing out images like crazy.  All of a sudden they're losing their appeal. They're starting to look the same.  Some gorgeous stuff??  Absolutely...

Like many of you, if I could have more than one home I'd probably do something in a mix of creme and white and light woods.  A total absence of color except fresh flowers!  However, my reality plays out differently.  For both Sister and I( and most of our clients as well) , warmer  colors fill our homes.

In the past, we've enjoyed fun, bright colors as a change of pace in our wardrobes vs. our living rooms.    Something that can be more easily changed as we tire of it.

That was until now...

Don't you just love the beautiful neutral room with this fabulous pop of color on the chairs?

Never say Never!

When Pantone announced that honesuckle  was the 2011 color of the year, I thought great, I'm sure we'll be doing a lot with that?  Not!!!

And before we saw this...

The curtain fabric and  headboard are to die for!!

This is beautiful, but just not warm enough for me.  I would tire of it way too quickly.

I love this living room.  I could get my pink fix with flowers here and there and just run right back to that Pink bedroom.  Can definitely see  those two rooms in the same house, and not tire of it.

This is just sooo wonderful.  Look  at the Antique French chair with  gold gilt that's upholstered with the Modern yellow print fabric.  And those sconces...The found old corbels paired with more Modern square linen shades, Oh my!!!  Even the little nightstand looks like a vintage piece that has been lacquered in white.

These last five images are the work of a Mother Daughter design team  (Mary Ruth Caldwell and Lisa Flake Caldwell ) of Caldwell Flake Interior Design in Birmingham.

This is most definitelyold rubbing new the right way!!

Maureen Bower of the blog Eclectic Revisited (an absolute favorite new blog we follow) asked me the question just last week...

"I sense a change is on the horizon for Provencal decor? a bit of a reinvention…I think it’s going to be making quite a splash in the next coupla years….What do you think?"

We think it's already here and we're getting sooo excited!

What do you think?  You know we can't wait to talk about this.  It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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