It Takes Two...Sister's Talk

Blogging has been a great personal experience for me and has also been great for our business.  Unfortunately I sometimes feel like I'm taking too much of the credit. It definitely "takes two"  to get everything done.  That's what Providence Ltd. is.   Two sisters who are also best friends and business partners. We've been together for a long time...

You guessed it, that's me in front not afraid of anything.  Sister has always bee the quieter, more reflective of the two. That can be a very good thing, particularly in our business.  However, she definitely has her opinions, so on  Thursdays  we're  going to answer questions from readers.We want  to give you the


Providence Ltd.

take on your design questions and dilemmas.

Go ahead.  Leave a comment or E-mail us at  We'll give it our best shot!

It's your turn. 

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