Think Spring,...Join Us In The Garden!

Still waiting for new baby, so unless something happens today we're on track to head to Dallas in the morning.  I have a million things to do right now, but I just can't help myself. My mind keeps fast forwarding to mid April when I'll be knee deep in the garden.  Serious thought and advance planning will save a lot of frustration and mistakes later, I'm hoping...

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We're in love with the concept of Garden Rooms and utilized this concept in our initial design.  This is our second season and I'm looking forward to tweaking and developing these spaces even further. 

Pictures taken last Spring of my kitchen herb garden...


This is a screen door off the kitchen.  it will be nice when the weather is just right to allow the cool breeze inside. The potted tree has doubled in size since this was taken.


Last year I planted herbs in pots so they could be moved around in case they weren't getting enough sun.  As it turned out they got plenty of sun, so this year I'm planting more in the ground.  I'll use a few pots for accent.


I'm not a real marigold fan, but planted these because I was told  they would deter bugs from eating the herbs.  I don't think they helped so I'm not going to plant them this year. I also want a softer color palette.


The hydrangeas should be more established and beautiful this year.  I'm hoping the climbing hydrangea will bloom. It's grown to the top of the trellis now.

Planning to add more variety in color with the foliage along with the softer annual colors.  Probably blues, pinks and white.  That should be pretty with the limestone rock.

Inspiration moving forward...

Velvet and LInen3.jpg

The rose garden off our Master Bedroom is a favorite spot.  More pictures taken last Spring...


I love the old garden gates and bench.  We need more perrenials for that lush feeling.  As I'm typing I'm thinking about adding more compact rose bushes .  Possibly knockouts.  What do you think?  Or would you just stay with the climbing roses and add more lambs ear and plants like that?  I would love to hear your suggestions.

This next area is the real challenge.  It's a real focal point in the back yard and I'm just not satisfied with the way it turned out.   Help!!


Since this photo was taken I have removed the lyriope which I hated. The next thing to go is the Anthony Water Spirea.  The trees and boxwoods are fine.  At either end of the curve is a mass of knockout roses which I also like.  I want to fill the bed with perrenials and work on the 4 large pots.  Lavender would be my first choice, but just doesn't do well in Arkansas.  Does anyone have any tips to help it along?  What other plants would you suggest?


I like the idea of the rose trees in these pots, but they just didn't do well last year.  Any tips to make them look better or suggestions for replacement?  You can tell this has the potentail to be a beautiful area.  Can you tell I'm serious?  I really want to hear your ideas!

This is just a taste of all that needs to be addressed. There's still the front porch and  beds on either side of the door, beds at the entrances from the street, patio area in the back, the covered porch...It just seems to go on and on and can feel overwhelming. That's why I've decided to enlist your help.  I'm inviting you on this journey with me.  As plans are made, plants are bought and the digging begins I'm going to share it all with you. 


  Please!!  Comment, E-mail me, send  photos of your garden or beautiful images you stumble upon while searching the internet.  Any tips for the best mulch or fertilizer or plants etc.  I'll share it all.  We'll help each other.  Who knows?  This may just be the best gardening season yet!!

It's your turn.  Let's talk!!

Images via Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles,Trouvai,Veranda Magazine,Cobblestone and Vine,Splenderosa,La Dolce Vita,Google,Velvet and Linen