I'm A Little Bit Nervous!

We start moving things into the Designer House tomorrow.  Sister is in Dallas helping out with the new baby.  We've planned well so everything should go together just right, shouldn't it??  In a perfect world yes.  But there are a million things going through my head like...

Will the window treatment turn out just the way we envisioned it?

Fabric to...


Finished product...

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

And how about the ottoman?  It's being delivered tomorrow as well.  This image was the inspiration but ours will be velvet with a tufted top.  Will it fit into the reading nook perfectly?  We only have a few inches to spare.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

I can't wait to see the custom shades we had made for sconces.  I'm pretty confident they will be beautiful.  The fabric is a tiny silk check.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

We've had a custom demi lune table made as well .  It will be skirted with a fabulous charcoal/brown linen.  We specified five large pleats. It's narrow because we don't have much space.  Will it be just perfect? 

This concrete statue will be a focal point on the table.


It's so dark on the landing, and only one electrical outlet.  We would have added more ourselves had it been possible.  So hoping that the battery operated picture lights we found do the trick.

  Yes, we've planned and schemed and I'm sure it will all come together.  But Sister and I are a team.  Those little surprises that have to be dealt with, you know the..." you stay here and do this and I'll go there and get that".  All those details that you cannot forsee.  Then there are those ah ha moments at the end when you come up with something really great that puts the whole thing over the top.  That's what we do together.  That's what makes this whole thing fun!

In reality I always stress over the details. If you're our client, that's a good thing.  We're not happy until it's the best it can be.  That sometimes means switching gears or having things re-worked. There's no doing over or trading out on this project.  It's a tight schedule.  Most everythingis custom and I will see it for the first time when it's delivered over the next two days.

  There will be lot's of eyes on this so wish me luck!

It's your turn.  Any words of encouragement?  Let's talk!