Happy Saturday!...No Longer Nervous.

Thanks so much for all your comments and encouragement.  I'm no longer nervous!  Things went great at the Designer House yesterday. I'm feeling  really good about how everything turned out.  Careful planning always pays off.  A few tweeks on Monday and we're ready for the reveal.

I had an interesting  conversation with my hairdresser yesterday afternoon.  She was asking about the Designer House , the colors that were being used etc...

As I explained that we designed with different shades of gray...


And that without any of us knowing it beforehand, several others in the house have chosen grays as well...

Another common theme is that more whites and cremes are being used.  Almost every space is much lighter than it was before...

maisondeslilas3 Dress Design Decor.jpg

And I just love it that the dining room is going to be pink!

index.jpgsuzanne Kaslerdiningroom.jpg

My friend had been shaking her head with surprise but she really gasped on that one.  Unless you are a blogger and realize that Pantone has dubbed honeysuckle pink the color of the year, you probably did too.  Her reactions made me re-visit something that I had already known.  Real style is personal.  It can be ANY color or combination of things.  The secret is in the planning and execution. 

Any color that you personally like can be updated and used to design a beautiful room. 

Remember navy blue?

Well this is not your Grandmother's navy...


Looks nothing like this, huh?


This was a before shot for one of our projects.  The point is color is personal.  Trends have their place.  They keep us looking forward and stimulate us to look at old things in a very new way.  But they never define who we are or determine what our homes will look like.  Because if you allow that you are going to have to change your decor every year.  There will always be something new. 

Just a little something to think about on this beautiful Saturday morning.  What's your opinion?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!


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