Good Friends Are A Blessing!

What would we do without good friends?   Most of us are quick to say, let me know if I can help, or what can I do to help?  And then there are those... that just show up to help!  That's what happened to me today.  Our good friend Vicki Burnett just showed up at Fabulous Finds and refused to leave.

I kept saying, no you can look at all of our new stuff and then you have to leave.  Youn are not going to work!  She refused.  She said, "OK, I'll just sit in the car until you're finished".  That's when I gave in andput her to work.  Wow!  I wish we could hire her.  She was not only making tags and tagging new merchandise but waiting on customers too. 

We can't hire Vicki, but she has hired us...more than once. 


You might remember her screened in porch redo a few years ago..if not click here to see the entire thing.

 We're getting ready to break ground on her brand new home in the country...


  We've been working on the plans for months.  Click here for the details.  It's going to be fabulous! We've teamed up with Parkinson Building Group and can hardly wait to break ground.

I'm hoping to finish up at Fabulous Finds tomorrow.  Come back and take a peek at what's new!

It's been a great day.  Now it's your turn.  Let's talk!