Sunday Supper...Memorial Day Weekend and Barbecue Ribs At the Lake..

We hope that you are enjoying this Memorial Day weekend with family and friends...

Sister and I are spending time with our family at the lake...


 Barbecue Ribs are a family favorite...

Here's our recipe..

We use a Cookshack electric smoker.  Don sells them through his restaurant equipment business.

  • 6 slabs, 1-1/2 to 1-3/4 lb. pork baby back ribs (The amount depends on your crowd)
  • Whams spicy rib rub seasoning ...This stuff is the best!

Trim, clean and dry slabs.  Sprinkle with olive oil. Rub with seasoning. Cover and let ribs set overnight in refrigerator.

Load slabs into smoker.   Position slabs so that they do not touch each other or the sides of the oven. Close and latch the smoker's door.

Smoke-cook at 225F for 3-4 hours, or until done. When the ribs are done, remove from smoker and cool at room temperature for 30 minutes.

Wrap and refrigerate. Serve with barbecue sauce of your choice.

Recommended wood: 4oz. of apple, cherry or hickory

I have a "Secret Sauce " recipe that everyone just loves..

You'll have to figure out the proportions because it's just a dump and taste recipe...

Ketchup,brown mustard,brown sugar,hot sauce and a dash of Worcestershire sauce...Sweet spicy and delicious!

The table is all set...

Aged and Gilded House Beautiful.jpg

We're ready to eat.  Wha's up with you this weekend? 

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Images via My own,  and House Beautiful