Sunday Supper...Caprese Salad Bites

It's been a great week.  My niece, Sister's daughter (Tara) has been here with her two baby boys from Dallas.  We've all played at the lake and had a grand time...


No swimsuit pics of the girls...everyone's happy about that!

Friday was Tara's 31st birthday, so I had the family over for appetizers to open gifts before we all went out for dinner...

Get ready to save these recipes...YOU WILL WANT THEM!!

First...Spicy Saltine Crackers





Prep Time: 5 mins

Total Time:20 mins

  1. 1Use a large ziplock storage bag. I use the 2 gallon size. Add the oil, ranch dressing mix, red pepper flakes and crackers. Tumble constantly for 15 minutes.

These are great as an appetizer by themself, or with cheese or fabulous with a salad.  Trust me they are addictive!!

I did these Caprese bites as an appetizer but will definitely do them as a salad tonight...



Grape tomatoes

Fresh mozzarella

Fresh basil leaves

Olive oil

Salt and pepper


Cut mozzarealla into small cubes.  Thread a piece of mozzarella and then a torn piece of basil and then a grape tomato on to a toothpick.  Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Delicious!  You just slide the entire thing into your mouth and explosion  of flavor.  Better than any caprese salad I have ever had.


We have eaten so much this last week...It's time to cut back on carbs..we're grilling a steak and having Caprese Salad Bites...



I just love Summer...Don't you?

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