Design Mistakes That Lead to Disaster...#1

Most women love to shop...

And the better the deal...the more we can buy...

While this philosophy may be great for buying shoes and will lead to disaster when furnishing your home.

It's a huge mistake to make decorating decisions based on cost alone...We're talking about when you are in a store full of great markdowns and end up hauling home 4 new barstools that are just OK??  You don't really love them...but they were such a good deal!!


Seriously, how long can you love these?

Or for most of us it's a not a major furniture purchase, it's endless small purchases that don't set us back much at the time...we just don't need them, or they don't go with another thing in our house...

And how long till you get rid of these?


How many things like this have you sold in a garge sale or carted off to Goodwill?...All those little sale items add up to money you could have spent on something wonderful for your home that you would enjoy for years to come.  We know...because we've done it too!

It's not just the sales that get us in trouble...making decorating decisions based on cost alone is a very bad idea.  It's getting the cart before the horse.  

First you need an overall plan...Define your needs, your look and style...

Good decisions build upon each other and end in a beautifully furnished room.


Next identify key purchases to be made...Shop for these according to your plan and the overall look you are trying to achieve...not random purchases based on price.

Buy the best that you can afford.  That doesn't mean everything has to be expensive or out of your budget. Don't get off course by the enticement of "good deals"..  Rome was not built in a day.  You don't have to finish everything at once.   

6_thumb[2]Belgian Pearls9.jpg

Make a pack with yourself that you will quit making all the little tiny junky purchases just because you can will save up instead for that nicer lamp or pretty bench.

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Resolve to stay on you can ultimately enjoy a beautiful home filled with the things that you truly love.

Contact us if you need some guidance or an extra eye on your plan.  We'd love to help.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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