Design Mistakes That Can Lead to Disaster...#2

We'll be continuing to add to the list for a while...There are just so many little mistakes that we ALL make that are easily remedied once we realize we've fallen into that trap.  If you missed Mistake Number One click here.

Mistake Number Two...

Just because you have it... doesn't mean you have to use it...

There are many examples of how this plays out in real life...

Too many framed personal photographs on the bedroom wall of  this clients home...

Smith bedroom before 6.jpg

Same corner of the bedroom ...but much better now!

Smith bedroom 3.jpgafter.jpg

This doesn't just apply to the walls...every table and every bookshelf in your house does not need to be covered with personal photos...While acceptable, it's just not desirable.

Pare down to a few favorites and more current pictures... or we like an idea that Joni with Cote de Texasshared. She piles personal photos into a large decorative bowl on her coffee and guests enjoy thumbing through them.

A beautiful piece like this one from Cobblestone and Vine would work beautifully...


WE ALL make I'll confess a recent one of my own that I finally got around to dealing with.

I'm a brave woman to share this, nothing has been styled and the photography is horrible...just a few quick snap shots to make my point.

For several years we had large silk trees in our home.  I was fine with them and actually thought they added to the decor...softened empty corners.  I don't feel that way any more...haven't for a long time. We don't place them in client's homes. YET...I still had two huge trees and a smaller plant in my own home.  Yuck!

Why you ask?  The answer is ...we had them

The Dining Room before...


So much better without the tree...It was in our old home and just moved right in with us..


Living Room before...See the silk plant ?  And the huge  tree in the family room beyond?

DSC_0589-4x6.jpgliving room.jpg

Now...the antique chair is a much nicer way to fill the space.


Removing the tree in the family room made a huge difference...

 I'm waiting for the perfect piece of art to fill this space...It's much better with nothing, rather than that awful tree..

The antique floor lamp was brought down from an upstairs bedroom. A small occasional table was placed in front of it.  Love the lamp and the light it adds to that side of the room.  It will be fun searching for the perfect piece of art for the wall.

photo (2).JPGchange.JPG

How about you?  When you look around do you see things that really don't work anymore?  Would your home look better without them?  Are you willing to get rid of them?

One last point...

Those gifts you received that you never wanted or needed.  It's time to evaluate them too.  They can definitely influence a design disaster.

It's your turn.  Let's talk!