For A Beautiful Home...Edit...Edit...Edit

We've talked about this before, but have been reminded again this week that MOST of the time it is NOT what we add to a home that makes the biggest's what we take away.

Editing for clients is often a challenge...  Diplomacy is essential not to offend.

  When asked the question ...How does a person update a space with items they already own?

We recommend emptying the space completely. Clean thoroughly and paint if needed. A radical change to the background color will make a huge difference and alter the appearance of everything. Most of our clients need to lighten things up right now for a fresh look. To achieve continuity and peaceful flow , use one paint color throughout the house.

Next rearrange the furniture with a completely new relationship and a new focus in each room. As you add furniture and accessories back ...edit fearlessly...Ask yourself the question?...Is this adding any interest or value to the space. If not, sell or give it away.

You might start in the kitchen...Remove things above the cabinets...Clean off the counters and start over...

christopher peacock.jpg
Casey Interiors kitchen.jpg

Don't stop there...Stand and take a good long look at every room in the house...

6_thumb[2]Belgian Pearls9.jpg
034.jpgLisa Caldwell Flake.jpg
cote de texas - Copy.png
Griege - Copy.jpg
128014176_6cpzcGTq_c.jpgFavorite Spaces and Places.jpg
020.jpgCaldwell Flake.jpg
Capture julia blailock a.d mag.JPG

January is a great time to go from room to room and start editing. You will be surprised at the things you have accumulated or have not placed properly in the course of the year.

Beautiful spaces don't just happen...and unfortunately they don't remain that way forever.

It's time...I need to do some editing myself!

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Images via, The Enchanted Home, Cote de Texas,Laura Casey Interiors, Things That Inspire,Caldwell Flake,google, Pinterest