In Loving Memory of Cappi

 Saturday morning started like any other...except Don had to take Cappi to the vet for fluids to help flush her kidneys. She's been in congestive heart failure and we did this once before when her kidney levels were too high. Don took her for a walk and didn't even wake me. Off they went and he picked up donuts for us on the way home.

We were to pick her up in a couple of hours...then came the phone call.

Cappi had suffered a siezure and they were not able to revive her. She is gone and she took a whole lot of us with her. I had already been on the computer...just before that call searching for recipes and material for a Sunday Supper Post...doesn't sound like such a good idea right now.

All I want to do is think about Cappi...I want her back...obviously that won't happen. She was the love of our lives. To say that we treasured every moment with her, and will for the rest of our lives...just doesn't sound like enough. What do we do with this pain?


This was taken a few days ago, while I was working on a blog post.  One of her favorite spots in my office.  So beautiful...she looks like a puppy. 

We love you dear Cappi!