Yeah For Partner Card...You Can Save 20%

It is UAMS Partners Card Week in Little Rock...

A major fundraiser that raises money to benefit the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute.

Buy a card with a $50.00 donation and receive 20% off at participating Retailers through Sunday November 4th.

Come and shop with us at Fabulous Finds for the most unique items at 20% off.

We've just returned from a major buying trip a few weeks ago...This is your chance for a few short days to shop and receive 20% OFF!!

photo (2).JPGgrapebaSKETS.jpg
photo leatehr books.jpg
photo (2).JPGstool456.jpg
photo (2).JPGshutersx.jpg
photo (2).JPGromNA.jpg
photo (2).JPGrench pots.jpg
photo (2).JPGperfume bottles.jpg
photo (2).JPGpairlanternsaaa.jpg
photo (2).JPGmarble top.jpg
photo (2).JPGhanging lantern.jpg
photo (2).JPGgates.jpg
photo (2).JPGfireback.jpg
photo (2).JPGcherub111.jpg

None of the items shown here are in our online store...there hasn't been time...we just brought them in...

If you are local take advantage of the Partner card and hurry in to save 20%.  

If you don't live in the area until November 4th we will offer 15% off of any item here or in our online store...We have never done this take a look and contact us soon!!!

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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