More Blue...

 First a HUGE apology for our absence...

We haven't posted since Sunday Supper...that's not like us.

 We have not visited our blog friends or commented... that's not like us either... We miss you!

But along with the apology is a big thank-you to our wonderful clients, that are also now great friends...

Locally we are very busy...but our online design business is growing as well. It's probably been as surprising to us as anyone how easy it is to work with a client online that has the same design aesthetic as we do...and that is the key...compatibalitiy....  But we'll talk more about that later...

Today it's more about blue...

That's what most of our new clients are asking for...

You know how we like to mix it up... we're going to talk about that too...

It really takes very little blue in a neutral space to make a nice statement...


Tangerine is Pantone's color for 2012 and we love it paired with blue...


Tangerine is a great accent with neutrals...and particularly with blue.

We are working on a project that should be finished by late May...Benjamin Moore, Ballet White walls, Sea Mist accents with a pop of tangerine...It is fabulous.  We can hardly wait to share.

We've been talking about blue... 

if you've you've missed out,  click here for A Bit Of Blue and here forA Little Bit  More Blue.

In some form we can incorporate a bit of blue into most any decor.  

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

all images via pinterest.

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