It's A Busy Busy Time...

We feel so blessed.

It's Spring...the most wonderful time of the year.


 It's a time for new beginnings...and lot's of new projects... we have so many exciting design jobs in the works right now... lot's of research...more fun than you can imagine...

The City Sage 2.jpgarealmess.jpg

 A  fabulous feature is planned for the next 30 days in the online store, with a very talented jewelry designer...exclusive designs and a giveaway...

Just A peak...

Bride To Be.jpg

Hopefully we can share the full line this week... a few technical gliches to take care of in the store, and we will launch...

If you are visiting for the first time...please come back... you will be glad you did.

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Images via, The City Sage, Providence Ltd Design.