Sunday Supper...On The Lake

 Life is just plain good at the lake...

This is our first trip of the season and I just feel like I can breathe again.


We bought this little place on the water six years ago. We painted and pulled it all together with furniture from storage and flea market finds. It's cozy and comfortable and not a thing like our home in Little Rock.


I never feel the need to upgrade and change things here...

It's a haven...a place to enjoy and just be...we don't have to be "doing " something the entire time we are here... I'm on the porch sipping coffee looking at the lake while I write this post...

It doesn't get much better than that...

We're grilling hamburgers and fresh corn with a salad for dinner...

Have you ever tried grilling fresh corn in the husk?  Click here for the details.


And it's oh so good with Basil butter...


Basil Butter is pretty simple: soften one stick of butter (I just microwave it for a few seconds) and, with a rubber spatula, mix in four tablespoonsful of minced fresh basil.

The table is all set...


It's your turn. Let's talk.

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