A Few Summer Changes At Our House...

I read somewhere once that your home is like a child... constantly changing, growing, and maturing into what you want it to be.  I agree.  Each new season has me re-evaluating, tweaking and planning changes.  It's a good thing I don't have more extra time than I do ..., my husband couldn't take it.

Thought you might enjoy seeing a few things  I've been working on lately...

First, the front porch. The pots have been empty since the Christmas decor came down.  Even with them planted, I felt it needed something more... 




I planted boxwood, pink ivy geranium, Englsh ivy and pink petunias in the urns on the columns.  I added the scrolled iron planter filled with the same, plus blue salvia and licorice plant.  I love this planter and it  adds that something extra.  It also breaks up the two pair of planters.  There are matching long planters filled with boxwood on either side of the front doors.

I continued the pink theme indoors...


Dining Room Sideboard


Kitchen Island...


I've recently re-arranged the back porch.  Ordered a rug and had two custom ottomans made.  These are just some quick unstaged pictures I took...


This is one view of our porch before.  Lovely, I agree.  The problem is we never ate there and never really just lounged there either.  Just not comfortable sitting around the table.



I had two ottomans made out of Sunbrella fabric.  They are on small casters so they can easily be moved around.  One is in the center of the four chairs. Another slides easily over when we need it.


There was really nothing on this end of the porch except for an iron console against the bank of windows.  We moved the zinc top table to this corner with a couple of slip-covered French chairs and the other ottoman. Now a cozy place to eat and look out at the patio and back yard.


Here's the iron console...Funny thing.  We had it in our inventory for a couple of years and it never sold so it ended up here.  Go figure!  It's made from a really old balcony, and is fabulous. The top is stained concrete.

You may recognize the cherubs.  We used them at the designer house.  Everyone wanted to buy them.  No way!!    Love these, we even used them on a table at my niece's wedding reception.

The other end of the porch...


  This is really a mix...The old farm table was the casual dining table in our last house.  The rest of the of the slip-covered dining chairs are used here.  These chairs are upholstered in a horrid red stripe velvet underneath the slips.  We bought the antique iron piece from Marshall Clements before we finished the house.  That wall was just screaming for something really big.

The wicker chairs are from Lloyd Flanders.   We've had them for years.  They were originally dark green and have been painted a grayed brown.


We love succulents.  They are so low maintenance.  But...  they love sun and just don't get enough under a covered porch.  My secret is out.  These are NOT real!!!  They are even planted in dirt.  No one has ever been able to tell the difference.

So excited about the new rug.  Sister found this resource online.  Sisal Rugs Direct. This is an indoor outdoor piece and you cannot tell the difference.  You can literally hose it off.  We're thrilled with it.


The chandelier adds the finishing touch.  There are ceiling fans close to the ceiling on either side for air circulation.

I can't tell you how much we use this space since we've made the changes.  It's hard to get me inside at night.

One more change.  This has literally happened while I've been typing this post...

We've had this dark rug from our old house in the back hallway off the garage.  Pretty, but just not in keeping with the other rugs that we bought for this house...

Our foyer rug typical of the other rugs in our home..


This rug just doesn't go...


This is a back hallway.  If I had told Don that I wanted a new rug, he would think I'm crazy.  He would see nothing wrong with this rug because there isn't.  I just don't like it anymore. 

I got an e-mail from Pottery Barn last weekend about a sale on natural rugs...thought I would check it out.  They had a 6ft. jute round rug on sale for $129.00.  I just had to try it.  The doorbell rang while I was working on this post...

I love it!


It's perfect.  So funny...Don came back to tell me something, was standing on it and never said a word.  Hmmm, wasn't sure what to think.  He came back again and said ...I love the rug!!!!

I'm just so thankful...

for a husband who allows me to do what I love...

for friends and clients that welcome us into their homes...

and for a Sister who is my best friend...

we are blessed to share this fun together every single day!

What do you think?

  It's your turn.  Let's talk!

A couple of side marks..1)The before porch image was a beautiful shot taken by At Home in Arkansas last summer when they featured our home thus a big difference in the pictures that I have taken and posted here.  2)Our back door is heavily distresed via our 14 year old puppy Cappi who is horribly afraid of thunderstorms.  We think it adds a lot of character.  

More Colors of Spring..Think Green

I love that it's finally green outside.  Totally amazing what all this rain will do...

La Dolce Vita.jpg
Things That Inspire43.jpg

How about inside???

10-14-08flowers3.jpg.aprtment therapy.jpg
Good Life of Design2.jpg
Green 2.jpg.stripehavenand home.jpg
velvet (400x592)_thumb[7]Good Life of Design.jpg
Ragland Hill Social.png

How green are you?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

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