Shop Talk...French Farm Documents...

One of the most popular items in our online store has been the copies of 18th Century French Farm documents...they are matted and framed beautifully...

There are 20 different documents in the series...

P-5397 series-French Chateau.JPG

We hung them in the upstairs landing of the Symphony Designer House last Spring...


Hung above a mantel in this before and Lisa Luby Ryan..


A dining room Lisa Ruby Ryan...


another view of the dining room...she obviously loves these documents, and so do we...


Our good friend Debra, with the blog Acquired Objects recently bought a pair from us to hang behind two columns and urns in her dining room... 


If you love them like we do...You are in luck...

During the month of March we are featuring the documents at a discounted price and are paying the shipping... They are 20" Wide by 29" high. The documents are normally $485 plus $20 shipping...Right now you pay $399....shipping included.

photo documents.JPG

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Images via Providence Ltd. Lisa Luby Ryan

French Country Charm...

It's hard to believe that we're just getting around to doing a complete post about our project that was featured in At Home in Arkansas this month.  We collaborated with Bill Parkinson of Parkinson Building Group and his wife  Jessica on their own new residence.  We thought you might enjoy details through out the process, and we needed the time to pull it all together...


 Let's go back...way back to the construction phase...

From the very beginning we planned to incorporate special architectural features and planned for antique or unique lighting...

Starting with the dining room...

The candlestick sconces were purchased before the plans were even complete...the lantern was another great find from an antique shop in Dallas...


Here's a shot right after move in...


You can see we recovered the chairs flanking the sideboard with a sculptured blue velvet, added another linen skirted bench and interesting cane back chairs at the ends of the table.  We also changed out the art on the opposite side of the room that reflects in the mirror for an older oil landscape.  We added the hand painted crests and a beautiful warm rug.  The candelabras that remained on the dining table have been in the family for years.  They are really beautiful.  The other accessories were the finishing touch.  This is one of our favorite rooms in the house.  


Between the dining and kitchen is a beautiful little butler pantry...


We found these fabulous lanterns at Round Top for the groin vault ceiling in the gallery that connects the public and private living spaces...


OK...maybe this is one of our favorite spots...We love the wonderful thick wood shelves at the end of the hallway...The stained concrete floors, wonderful French doors leading to the covered porch, beautiful iron railing,antique French chair and painting of our client's great grandfather.  

Image (232).jpggallery.jpg

Lot's of planning went into the kitchen on the front end...

These fabulous old found shutters became cabinet doors on either side of the plaster hood...


We also found the old stone corbels, then...the hood was designed around them...


The kitchen is really beautiful with the combination of gray weathered cabinets, stained wood, brick and stone...and the beams in the kitchen and family room are fabulous!


The iron chandelier is an old piece that we found had re-wired and added natural beeswax candle sleeves.  

Maybe this is our favorite?

In the breakfast room we recovered and skirted in linen inherited wing backs for end chairs.  The side chairs were originally dark wood.  They were  painted and recovered.  The chandelier with the burlap shade is the icing on the cake.  It pairs beautifully with the old iron chandelier over the island.


The kitchen and breakfast area are open to the family room...

Here's a before...right after they moved in.



This room is another mix of old and new...reupholstered and repainted.  


The powder room is filled with unique features..The iron console sink base is an old piece from Europe. The old sconces were rewired and mounted to the shutters on either side of a window rather than hanging the traditional mirror above the sink.  An antique round mirror hangs on a side wall...

This is definitely in competition for the favorites.


The Master bedroom is still a work in progress...Here is the Before...



The bedside tables are actually an antique painted game table that we split in half and mounted to the wall.  They are now fitted with linen gathered skirts to hide the cords and give them a unique look.  We had neutral linen drapes installed and the direction of the entire room will eventually be much lighter...for now we removed the green and chocolate pillows and duvet at the end of the bed.  Painted mirrors replaced the old art and new lamps and accessories were added.


It turned out so lovely they are going to take a break before going to the next phase.

The Master Bath...


Another antique chandelier.


Beautiful paint finish on the cabinets and old sconces rewired and mounted on the mirrors..

The covered porch needed a lot of attention.  The Parkinson's spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the wonderful view...





Custom made ottomans will add to their comfort...

We even had the coffee table made...


We can never thank Diane Carroll editor of At Home in Arkansas, enough.  She works tirelessly to get the perfect shot and is a joy to work with.  If you haven't seen the magazine I hope that you willclick here to view the feature on their site.  We can't do it justice with our scans and the other pictures we took ourselves.

This was a true labor of love...we had fun leaving messages back and forth with Bill and Jessica about our new" favorite thing" as the project progressed.  Luckily we have the opportunity to work with Bill on other projects and have fun creating "favorite things" for their homes too.

What do you think?  Do you have a favorite thing?

It's your turn.  Let's talk.

It's Friday and it's Fabulous...Thanks to At Home in Arkansas Magazine

The November issue of At Home in Arkansas has been mailed.  Have you received yours yet?

Image (234).jpgAt Home cover.jpg

We recently teamed with Bill Parkinson, owner of Parkinson Building Group, to design and decorate his personal family residence.  We are thrilled to have this beautiful home featured in the November issue.

I apologize for my poor scans...just a couple of peaks today.  We'll do a full post next week with the entire feature as well as additional images Bill's  photographer took following the shoot.  We may even share a few before and afters...your gonna love this house.

A shot of the gallery with groined vault ceiling that connects the family and private areas of the house...

Image (232).jpggallery.jpg

A peak into the dining room...this is one of the Sister's favorites...

Image (233).jpgdiningroom.jpg
Image (236).jpgexterior.jpg

A huge thanks to Diane Carroll for a fun day on the shoot and a fabulous feature.  Your the best!  And Nancy Nolan...we could work with you every day.

Check back next week..we've got gorgeous images and lots of details through out the house to share.  

Have a great weekend.

 It's your turn.  Let's talk!

The Symphony Designer House

Now that the Symphony Designer House has opened we can finally  share the "after" photos of the upstairs landing we decorated.

I apologize for the quality of the photos.  There is very little light in the space and I'm certainly no photographer, but I did my best.  We'll have the professional shots by Nancy Nolan later.


Options are very limited for a narrow hallway so we had this console fabricated with a linen tableskirt.


These are copies of 18th Century French farm logs There are more than 20 to choose from.  The battery operated picture lights add much needed light.


Love this beatiful linen from J. F. Fabrics.  We transformed this little alcove into a small reading nook.


This is a fabulous antique Italian sconce.   If it doesn't sell we plan to have it electrified after the show.  There was no electrical available here so we added the candles.


Another great fabric from J. F. Fabrics on this vintage chair.  There are a pair of these.

A little reminder of what the space looked like before......


Quite an improvement, don't you think?


 If you are in the area the house is open daily through May 8th. Should you be interested in anything you see here just contact us.  We have enjoyed the process and loved working with both the committee members and  designers. 

It's your turn.  Let's talk!