New Uses For Your Old Armoire...DIY

Flat screen televisions have sent a lot of beautiful armoires to the garage or a spare bedroom as people opt for more modern pieces to either hide the TV or just mount it on the wall. 

Laura CAsey5.jpg

Why not re-purpose these pieces and use them in unconventional ways in other rooms in your home?

Sister recently did a complete overhaul on an armoire that had been in her daughters room since she was in high school.    She and Tara decided to use it for both storage and a changing table in the babies nursery.


Wish we  had the before was a rough wood with solid doors. (Looked like it came from Mexico, ugh.)  Talena's husband cut the panels out and added the wire mesh grids.  Talena painted the cabinet inside and out...changed the hardware and added fabric panels behind the grill.

Also wish we had a picture of the unit open.  It has a shelf with  pad for changing diapers and a cute mirror hanging above it.  Baskets on lowers shelves organize everything that is needed to keep baby happy.

Just to give you a sense of how lovely it fits into the nursery now...


More ideas for old armoires...

A lovely bar?.....


How about removing or changing doors out and incorporating  into the bath for a unique cabinet?


Great for Sewing or Crafting Storage...

Sewing Cabinet Open.jpg

Great for extra linens...


Great for home ofice space...

Love how creative someone got with the wallpaper inside this old piece...This would be darling with the adition of hooks and possibly a partition and use as a locker in the back hall or laundry area.


On a large blank wall in a dining space...fill it with dishes and serving pieces...


The ideas are endless...  I would love a beautiful armoire similar to this one near the front entrance for Guests coats and scarves...


Hopefully this inspires you to look at  something you may have become tired of in a unique way.  What inspiration will you share?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Images from our files, House Beautiful and Pinterest.

It's A Surprise!

This may be the only time you hear from me this week.  Just not sure.  Just got the call  today, that Sister's daughter, Tara will have her baby by Saturday at the latest. 

My niece lives in Dallas. We're packed and ready to leave Friday for a Saturday delivery. If we get the call before then, (like the last time) we are out of here. 

Not much is left to the imagination anymore, but Tara and Cody are kind of old fashioned and they don't find out in advance the gender of their new baby.  So you can imagine the excitement is really mounting...

We don't know if it's a boy or a girl???

mdesign nursery.jpgcococzy.jpg
Sherry Hart.jpg

What we do know, is that our world changed for the better almost 17 months ago when big brother Reece was born...


Things change a lot in such a short period of time.  Wonder what our blue eyed boy is going to think about his new brother or sister?  We're fixing to find out!

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Images via Decor Pad,The Lennox,A List Baby,Coccozy,Sherry Hart, Things Tickled Pink