Inspired By - Antique, Vintage, One of a Kind

Happy Tuesday!

We are on our last day of our buying trip at Round Top, and we have to say we are inspired by all things Antique, Vintage, or One of a Kind.

The stories that come with these pieces just make them so special. 

We all have love for old doors. There are just so many awesome ways to use them, and they add instant character. 

We found some awesome ones....


We found some great urns, and old pillows!


The image below from My Scandinavian Home just sums it up for us....

The sideboard is 18th century. Those are antique French ceiling panels hung as art, above the old Swedish dough bowl and an Italian iron topiary. Plus look at that awesome green door! 

How do you feel about Antiques, Vintage, and One of a Kinds?

Its your turn. Lets talk!