No Sunday Supper...But Round Top Ready

A peak at our new store...Wow!  We never dreamed it would be so much work pulling it all together...but sooo worth it.


We've said it before...we are designers first...and now shop keepers...we are bloggers second.  Not that we don't absolutely love the blog world and value beyond measure the relationships we have with both other bloggers and followers who are design's just there are not enough  hours in the day...

So a HUGE APOLOGY for being so absent... 

Not only have we not had time to blog...there's been no Sunday Supper, for two weeks now..Yikes!. 

That really makes me sad! 


It's time for Round Top...We leave bright and early Tuesday morning.

We have our lists and we are ready...It's not too late for you to add your requests...If not come and shop with us when we get back...

We've had a soft opening and are already doing business...

Our grand opening party is October 24th.

We miss you...but it's all good! 

It's your turn.  Let's talk!