Sunday Supper...Crispy Crab Cakes With Pomegranate Salsa


It's been a while, I know...Two weeks since we've blogged to be precise.  That's not good...we've received emails of concern and that some of you are actually missing our posts.  Good thing we're not competing for blogger of the year...we're way behind.  Ha!

Actually we have missed blogging and visiting other blogs more than we can tell you.  Our design business and store are keeping us very busy,however  we're making some changes and plans for 2014 to help get us back on the Blog Track!  

Our Sunday Supper's are going to be better than ever!  We are going to feature a mix of introductions to exciting new food blogs with posts from recipes that we actually try ourselves.  This will keep things fresh every Sunday even if we don't have time to cook.  However a personal goal of mine is to try even more new recipes this year...

Today we are featuring Nicole, from Grand Prairie Kansas.  The name of her blog is Cooking For Keeps.  Seriously, I would like to try every recipe that she posts.  Her food is not only tasty but beautiful as well...

How about Crispy Crab Cakes With Pomegranate Salsa?

Gorgeous right?  Nicole says that the secret to great crab cakes is lots of wonderful fresh crab and light on the stuffing...also don't over mix.  Click here to read and print the recipe.

We never share great food without a wonderful setting...Love this beautiful image from Sharon, with Roses and Rust.  Sharon is a great blogging friend who's design posts are a must read.


We are ready for dinner...

It's your turn.  Let's talk!