Providence Design...A Unique Shopping Experience...And We Are Having A Huge Sale!

We are so proud of our new store...and it is keeping us very busy...


Providence Design really does offer a unique shopping experience.  We're in a warehouse...nothing fancy but always different.  We offer a mix of both old and new because that's how we decorate homes.  It's a huge challenge to continually search for unique and one of a kind items that are also affordable, while doing everything else we do.  But it's our passion...and one of the reasons we opened this store.

And guess what?...

We are having a huge SALE!!!


We are not going to be about a lot of "Sales"...We will have our Anniversary Sale every October...and a huge January Inventory Reduction Sale annually.  That's it!   We have a store filled right now with fabulous merchandise with some phenomenal SALE PRICING!

Hurry in for the best selection!

If you are out of town and see anything here that you are interested us for a price at

We will be posting sale items daily through the end of January!

This is the best Sale Ever...and it's only once a year!

It's your turn.  Let's Talk!





New Merchandise At Fabulous Finds

We've been shopping again...

Spent the last couple of days rearranging at the store...But there is lot's more to come.

photo documents.JPG
photo (2).JPGsconcescorbels.JPG

Several pair of fabulous old sconces are being electrified right now...

photo (2).JPGbench.JPG

We have fabulous lamps on the way...

photo (2).JPGboothlove.JPG

More chandeliers...

photo (2).JPGchairs.JPG

More architectural pieces to unpack...

photo (2).JPGdocumentscrest.JPG

More framed prints on the way...

photo (2).JPGshutters.JPG

Great mirrors...

photo (2).JPGpillow.JPG

And aren't these pillows fun?  Available in different sizes and shapes?

We're busy loading items into the new online shop, but for now just contact me if you see anything here you are interested in. 

Every room in your house needs something old, unusual, interesting!!!  That's what makes the space uniquely yours.

What do you think?  See anything you can't live without?

It's your turn.  Let's talk!