Planning A Beautiful Garden...Who's Ready For Spring?

It's not quite time to start digging in the dirt...but early planning is essential for people with busy lifestyles...

My garden gate...

My garden gate...

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Every time I don't take the time to pre-plan, I end up at the nurseries just walking around in circles and carrying out the same old thing...promising myself that "next year"...I'm going to put more thought and research into an overall plan that delights me.

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

OK...this the year...Sister and I have promised ourselves that we are going to find a way to take an entire week off from work...yes I'm saying it out loud. An entire week with no appointments and no computer time? Yikes! Did I really say no computer time? Sister may have to hold my feet to the fire on that one!

Yes, one entire porch furniture, potting plants, planting herbs and vegetables...and the list will go on and on.  But it's the kind of work that leaves you both exhausted and satisfied...I can hardly wait!

I love potted plants...they are fun to create, can be used in a variety of situations, and always ensure instant gratification. And we all like that!

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

But beyond ordinary potted plants...Sister and I are both completely obsessed with urns...


 Another idea that is intriguing me is the creative  use of potted trees and shrubs incorporated into the  landscape. Obviously irrigation is a bit trickier...but that's where that pre-planning thing comes in...Your pots can have automatic irrigation just like your lawn.


I've only begun to gather inspiration...these images and many more have been collected on Pinterest. 

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Pinterest Urns...Click to view

It's your turn.  Let's talk!

Another reminder that our new site and online store launches soon...

We may be down for a week for the conversion...but we will be back!