Antique Leather Books...

Books...Books...and more books...

We love all kinds of books...

Beautiful Decorating and Design books are at the top of the list... Favorites on our shelf...

Decorating books-BobbyMcalpine.jpg

Bobby Mcalpine 

Decorating books-Segreto Finishes.jpg

Leslie Sinclair 


John Saladino 


Brooke and Steve Giannetti

These are just to name a very, very few...we actually have hundreds...

We love fabulous bookshelves filled with novels,magazines and things that our clients love to read...


But we also love, love...gorgeous antique leather books...

6a00e554d7b8278833013480527ee6970c-500wiVelvet and Linen.jpg

We encourage you to collect books and surround yourself with the ones that you love ...but in addition to that if you are not already in love with the beauty of antique leather books...we urge you to look again.

They are a fabulous accessory not only in a bookshelf...but on a table or may be that bit of the past that you need to add to your decor...regardless of your style...the perfect accesory.

Take advantage of our Summer Sale and receive 20% off of all leather books...we have a fabulous selection.

Contact us for details...Click here.

What do you think about antique leather books?

It's your turn.  Let's Talk.

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